Food For Thought: Compelling Content

Providing content that entices prospects to stick around is a tricky balance.  Too little and you haven’t held their interest.  Too much and they get bored and overwhelmed.  The key is creating a perfect “amuse bouche” (single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre) that invites your prospect to feast on the entire dinner.

Snackable Content: offer bite-sized chunks of valuable information that satisfies a hunger (need) without being a glutinous feast (too much information).



Stage The Food:  Use images, infographics, charts, well-thought-out color schemes, splashy callouts, etc to enhance and organize your information.  Use these visual elements to draw your audience in and make their “mouths” water for more.


Side Dish Support:  Just as a baked potato and veggies round out your entree, captivating data points should support and “round out” the value your product or service adds to your customers.  To develop your unique value proposition—try answering questions like:


  • “What are the challenges that our solution solves for our most successful clients?”
  • “What are the most significant benefits that our target prospect accounts can realize using our solution?”
  • “What sets our solution apart from the competition?”

Then, collect the data to support your claims (try using a survey).  These supports (side dishes) will enhance and validate your claim (entree).

Don’t Forget The Garnish:  Every dish needs a sprig of parsley or radish rose.  Garnishes add visual interest as well as enhance the taste.  3rd-party validation does the same for your value proposition.  These types of garnishes will help you stand out and give additional validation since they come from an independent source.

Using these techniques will take your content from being a “Banquet of Consequences” to an enticing “Kings Feast”.




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