Getting Press Without A Press Release

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we love getting good, free press.  We want our clients and customers to “Read All About It!” and then come running to us for our products and services.  Yet, all too often we merely send out a press release or a boilerplate email hoping the powers-that-be will publish, share and air our story with little thought as to it’s actual “newsworthiness”.

I recently watched a podcast featuring Jason Feifer, Editor-in-chief, of Entrepreneur Magazine and his thoughts on the best ways businesses can go about getting the press they need and want.  These are my takeaways from that podcast.

Have A Reason To Pitch:  Your reason should be mission focused and value orientated.

Pitch To The Publication/Outlet That Gives You The Value You Seek:  This is not and should not be a shot-gun approach to a good press, but thoughtful pitches to researched news agencies that will give you the type of press you need.

When You’re Not The Story, Be A Part Of The Story:  Share a current trend or industry movement that you are a part of.  This way the story’s focus isn’t directly on you, but you’re still a part of it.

Be Open And Honest:  Show your humanity by being open and vulnerable.  Don’t merely parrot your talking points.  Instead, be sincere and have an organic discussion.

Don’t Send A Press Release:  Send an email from you.  Be real; be human.  Don’t send a mass email blast.  Take the time to craft an individualized pitch to each editor, newscaster, podcast director, etc.  As Jason indicates, he responds better to “people being people.”

Share your thoughts and strategies on how your business gets “good press”.  I can’t wait to hear your ideas and suggestions.

— Eppie

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